Madden NFL 13 Video Game

Madden NFL 13 Video Game is Here!

Madden NFL 13 - Video Game at the Toy VaultMadden NFL 13 was released by EA Sports a few weeks ago. This video game is expected to be one of the hottest selling video games this holiday season. Calvin Johson of the Detroit Lions is featured on the cover this year. For sport related games, this NFL football video game is certainly one of the best.

The lighting and motion blur of Madden NFL 13 have been improved, much like the NCAA Football 13 video game. The lighting is now based on time, occurring throughout the game. This contrasts the lighting change at the ned of quarters. EA Sports put a lot effort in making this game as real and lifelike as possible.

There are over 200 new scene cuts between plays. Replay enhancements were added to give the video game to add a much more dramatic and realistic feel. Madden NFL 13 contains the official Nike uniforms, but also contains alternative uniforms. The video cuts were created to mimic life-like broadcast television scenes.

Madden NFL 13 comes with statistical analysis at half-time. This contrasts a show at half-time. The game is anchored by Phil Simms and Jim Nantz for commentary. The video game has over 82 hours of audio to keep the audio fresh and unique. EA Sports improved Madden 13 to give players the ability to place the ball on the back shoulder of a receiver. This is done with the passing controls of the left analog stick. Players can also place the ball down low, up high or towards the sidelines.

Quarterbacks can pump fake towards receivers, QB’s have 20 new drop-backs schemes. The QB’s can pump fake during drop-backs including 1, 3, 5 and 7 step drop-backs. Outside of pocket animations are included. Faster pump fakes and a shovel pass has been introduced.

Madden NFL 13 - Video Game AnimationWith Madden 13, defensive coverage can be disguised as man-to-man or zone. The best defensive back can be matched up one-on-one with the best receiver. This assists video game players in keeping linebackers from lining up against speedy recievers. Defenders can also use split and trail off-coverage techniques.

Players connected online will have the ability to participate in a fantasy draft feature. The most impressive aspect of Madden NFL 13 is the realistic and life-like animations. This is illustrated in the image above. This video game brings new meaning to the catch phrase “it’s in the game.” Order your copy of Madden NFL 13 today! The Madden 13 football video game is certainly going to be “flying” off the shelves this holiday season!

Madden NFL 13 Video Game
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